The Perigee in Rotterdam

Remnants of the past once lit our path

Beneath the industrial ceiling of a mouth with a constrained chew

The canals we rapidly travel through

In the jaw of plastic and glass

Receded in comfortable seats of our hard blue teeth

With tooth and foot we move readily

to mu and shu pork beats.

Where the dam meets the port

From this booth we absorb

Encouraging architectural sites

Mais je ne peux pas vous voir!*


The 80’s confidence of one veloured-leg exposed

on tafel unashamedly strewn

Red bean, cronut, local appeltaart were

Foreshadowing better things to come

But unbeknownst, to you, a lasso was hastily fastened

Whose absurd length pin balls around table legs

To the gentle grips of hands coalescing

slowly roping you in again, Perigee 😉





Perigee is the name for when the moon is at its closets point in orbit to the Earth

(NL) tafel : table // Appeltaart : Apple Pie

*(FR) Need to verify: Mais je ne peux pas vous voir! = But I can not see you


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