MIB 2: La Gracia del Otoño

For the carnal fullness of autumn’s kiss

Esperanza labors her back out

eschewing the rest that reason brings in

Ignoring truth in her mid-sections clout


Descending voices were pens with no points in her enchanted story


Where glimmering gems volley warmly across the deep

See her in rough grounds with delicate nose steady

reach of untethered foraging hands, Hope’s two

Unearthing decade-old treasures from dirt


Yet months and not years had passed 

No matter, the moment had come

But could the shine escaping this rodiei wood chest

Promise more than the sum of it’s chemical parts?


In-parting lock and lid a bittersweet reveal

Bonded  flesh, mind, and feeling bottled crack

Right through which this romance was fleeting

but left was the familiar essense of curve in back


wafting in place like cold surface air on an unwelcoming joint^


With question abound in the wake of a scentless nape,

the empty plates, and soil ending under nails remain

Thankful for, that which is, for her

is meant to be in her favor

Life works in mysterious ways 



Esperanza (Esp) :: Hope (Eng)

^Cold Shoulder

Message in a bottle 2: La Gracia del Otoño

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