Young Woman: Views from the Edge of the Shoreline

She lay affixed, daughter of Gaea personified

radiant visage at arms-length snapping away

Dusk bid good day, to her queenly headdress

Releasing silky waves of her onyx hued mane

delicately onto surrounding earthly bed


From temple atop a svelte mountain

Her constitution’s peak a softly glowing beach

Aphrodite’s treasures marked her birth

30 years to the east and north of

Brows of eyes firm but faint commas resting uninterrupted

A closer look south reveals more lucid than fatigue

This disarming focus under dimming sun

These enamoring dark brown pools sickled by LEDS

illuminating enticing dips into the soul


And what I saw I decreed at my lung’s best

” Bless the sculptor’s, painter’s and farmer’s hands who  made your cheeks from the better halves of lush peaches”

Upright curves casting shadows over the base of her delicate jawline

Embracing downward to bare smooth chin

Underneath shy graceful neck

The perfection of her mocha melanin

gradient landscapes of sun kissed caramel complexion

Constellation of cinnamon-sugar grains lightly dust her chest, arms and breast


Come-hithering was indeed the tune of her swell

fascinated I watched the sweet dew collect

Between the curve of her soepel nose

and the  peak of her smirken lips

Heaven incarnate!

Until the echo of my words finally reached her

Frantic waves to those sunbathing on remote holidays

Startled grace by the hunter in the enchanting grove

Away she swept into the safe of the ocean’s spray

In this motion she revealed her unyielding strength

Lay not in wonders of her beauty and magestic scale

But in the last impression in memory through the mist

Her pinning doubt by trident in the reef

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