One can’t help but notice
Gleaming in the reach of Manhattanhenge
My old friend’s favorite pastry
A sun-kissed magnet to metal legs
Drawn to your bench of pine
I summon batting courage to your base
” You’re astonishingly blonde” I exclaimed
Not that you’re not beautiful,
wild curly front to unstoppable waves
In shades, bodacious w. coffee in hand!
But if I took that beaten path again,
Rushing hours down this frequent route
You the passenger to my compliment-ship
Would curl at the corner of heaven and earth,
your lips to hurl from mouth,
daggers of heated insults
Reducing the most rounded dancer
To two-and-fro steps
But instead
These notes cracked a smirk
Beneath there A smile
I sighed relieved by pocket lint
Grabbing at the vacant space
Where the potential misfires would’ve been
But these Holes still manifest
as you elaborate in the foreground
on that exuberance from California
Divulging details of blonde expense
The frequency of which ends are routinely cut by quarters
in quarterly appointments
I don’t feel your cosmopolitan pains though
But understand the plight to seek
satisfying remedies
alternative therapies
That yield more than content
And yet
Cost less than the beaten troupes of
arm and leg
But dismayed by the state
Of maintenance as it stands
Out of league out of range
I bid good luck and good day by hand
Finessing the brim with finger tip
To tip this invisible hat toward
This flashy foreign sunray



Rubia (Esp) = Blonde

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