Not for Debate

Off the dome
steadily separating the ruckus discourse 
One hand also
Through the recessed cuff
Waving fingers of Sugar-mapled experience
that nullify the arguments
that you can't be touched;
That progress can't be reached
In our lifetimes
Words ringing through the stirring
Of a reverberating pinky 
but most certainly through the directness 
of mind
That is commonly known, 
Seldom accepted, woefully Feared  
But secretly admired
These Master plans
 and their benefits
Clearly enunciated
To let the living ,
 Live Longer;
 The mind 
 retain balance;
 And the sick,
 override the limits of ailment 
 All in exchange
 only for the sake
 Of respect
 That others may live
 In their own paradise
 That equity through sovereignty and amnesty 
 Be known and acknowledged
  For it is their right
 Without costing you
 A portion of occupied comfort
 With no need for a gram of worked land,
 nor a grain of sand leisured  

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