An Umbrella through the Mist

An umbrella through the mist 
Is useless 
unless the handle is reinforced by aramids
or fibers weaved of carbon
Till then
The rain discolors our hairlines,
Sends promissory notes to our freckles
" one day we will return the color we stole" 
But for now
Acid hits
Silver jumpsuit, 
bust out the sturdy shades 😎 
of fibers weaved of carbon
Reinforced by an imaginative design
where burgeoning lands are dense
with death and disconnect
but our Bluto* arms and burro** ways
reassure hope has a sturdy back
on which to ride
We are together in this
Under the seemingly broken beak of this
water repellent thing 
Once fragile, now ferocious 
Reinforced by aramids 
Cutting through the bleak
Stopping the wet 
Useful in the mist 

Bluto:  A character from the Popeye cartoon series & movies
Burro(Esp.): Donkey
Paragua (Esp.): Umbrella

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