Handle with Loose Care, From the Perspective of Series:1

There’s something about this moment,

Giving off a nostalgic impression

Those 5 guys were rightly on to something**

When they sang endlessly over the PA system

Flagrantly harmonizing on about how much

went into making me who I am today,

I believe you felt it too that time ago,

I caught it in your eyes on that 1st satisfying click

The feeling reverberating through most solid vibe and sole

on laminated floor we took that first spin

But even then, you hesitated,

You only wanted to preview what’s in store, before committing

to longer journeys to and froe

To sharing the many 10,000s of highs

and to lows so staggering

they left us below sea level

And with this, despite me having a twin

you still choose me that day^


Before us, you would struggle to get a grip

With me, you easily navigated with one hand

Going only where your heart and pockets would lead you,

And there at every turn. I would be close by

taking up things even when my odd compartmentalization

Made it seem like I couldn’t take the contents of your baggage anymore

And to your surprise, I remained unrelentingly level through the duress

The oppression of projected earth, sleet and snow

The gusting of foul airs trying to knock me down

I hid into myself, only to rise stronger like a stone

Some would critique me for being inflexible despite the abuse

But I knew what it meant to be guaranteed for a lifetime


But a lifetime for you meant 10 years at most,

The suspense of the next best thing was too much

for you to hold out hope for evidently,

You so firmly fixated to the superficial things you knew

loosely tossed in with circumstances exacerbated

Those gains in beauty and the small ounces of difference between

Me and that new new I saw on your phone

Enhanced and younger than me

The one you had your eyes and

hands on fake parts recently,

To think many years ago you wondered if I was worth it,

you expected my all, I only expected you to trust in me

The cost was my able body and everything

in my possession you claimed to be yours


I supposed parting ways was inevitable though

One of us was bound to give up or break down

Even a solid stone when persistently stressed,

Develops an irreverisble hole over time

Perhaps I wasn’t ready to feel put aside

We had some good times I still recall

the satisfying sounds from when we 1st clicked

Once louder than the cacophonic Fear

Of Missing Out on something new


Question to you:

From which perspective do you believe this  story is being told?

Answer in the comment section below:


  1. A traveler upset with the fall of his winter coat
  2. A woman somberly reflecting on a prior love
  3. A luggage reminiscing about it’s previous owner
  4. A man who gave it his all and it wasn’t enough
  5. All of the above


**Yes, that’s an N’Sync reference & ^Yes, that’s a Drake reference


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