La Tina Carlyle

Bare hands cup, scratch, caress and play
Skin stretched pairs wail endlessly
Exhausted tamboras* crawling bass
Reached the mercy of her extroverted toes
That drag humble Heels 👠 
To where the intermission’s pause
the silken voice's burst with energetic song

"La luna llena
no te da ni por las piernas",
"La luna llena
no te da ni por los pies"

Melodically before salsing sideways
Zigzagging back into the mist
Carlyle's azĂşcas scent mixed with sweat drips
condescend soft sheen of ruffled shoulders, opulent feathered bands,
keen constitutions, Cobalt collars, accented foreign lands
Noted, pastel pink lips now rouge w. Emotive envy,
White fur to blue pants striped and pleated eagerly
Drawn assemblance^ at a reoccurring chance
To see a gem gleaming in a distant tunnel
A Lucid reach at a red thighed mirage
La Tina's firm Legs stride sternly by
Below the sharpest hip swings
Divorcing the hopeless fanatics hands from the copa**
Severing the romantic fingers
that had also sewn the cabana rug 
Some of which she'll also cut
Alone or with somebody, someone
before the end of the night

Tamboras (Esp.) : Drums
Assemblance: Used here in reference to it's meaning as an art concept, but also 
as a play on assemble and semblance
Copa (Esp./ Por.) : Cup, Worldcup , fine drinking glass

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