I Sighed Relieved by Pocket Lint

I sighed relieved by pocket lint
Best to be spending
stand steadily
planted in place 
By choice 
Than be displaced
swept up by the lucrative swell
of this inevitable wave
Extending up from the southern bush, the bridge
the origins of this foreign catalyst from out of state
Familiar airs but not always the same
But seldom are extremes helpful,
Affluence is not the dirtiest word
not the char in the monochrome spectrum
Especially if more green is used for our shared garden
Especially if more is invested in clean water
to rinse the sanguine earth for everyone who's mined here
But if the jewels that are surfaced then on
are only for the hands of a novel few to keep
Then know that when they effortlessly gloat, gleam and sparkle
Its because they are rich in the most tangible immoral minerals
And that is a dire set of fotos
when that poverty has a long exposure
without the flash
Highlighting those underserved structures
without the cash
showing a particular stress on the frame
but also those talents who juggle the struggle
That piece the meal through their honest hustle
Know that your pictures
are also deeply rich in detail
your character's resilient fatigues captured
In the golden ratio
Know that our spiritual health is strong
Our history reflected
in the passing of beams
Our lumen glow in the yonder
breaks from vehicles streak
Connote a wider aperture
There's more depth to this field
from which to grow new plants
More hands to carve from mud
More sun and time to craft
mounds to stand and pitch
Advocate for more than lint
Have control
For a better future of different shades

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